Reference Data ModelΒΆ

The CDM only integrates the reference data components that are specifically needed to model the in-scope products, events, legal agreements and function components.

This translates into the representation of the party and legal entity.

Parties are not explicitly qualified as a legal entity or a natural person, although the model provides the ability to associate a person (or set of persons) to a party, which use case would imply that such party would be a legal entity (even if not formally specified as such).

The LegalEntity type is used when only a legal entity reference is appropriate i.e. the value would never be that of a natural person.

type Party:
  [metadata key]
  partyId PartyIdentifier (1..*)
  name string (0..1)
    [metadata scheme]
  businessUnit BusinessUnit (0..*)
  person NaturalPerson (0..*)
  account Account (0..1)
  contactInformation ContactInformation (0..1)
type NaturalPerson:
  [metadata key]
  personId PersonIdentifier (0..*)
    [metadata scheme]
  honorific string (0..1)
  firstName string (0..1)
  middleName string (0..*)
  initial string (0..*)
  surname string (0..1)
  suffix string (0..1)
  dateOfBirth date (0..1)
type LegalEntity:
  [metadata key]
  entityId string (0..*)
    [metadata scheme]
  name string (1..1)
    [metadata scheme]